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Amazon Customer

"This video is a real enjoyment. Both of my children (ages 5 & 11), really enjoyed watching it. Not only was it very educational, but it truly held their attention the entire time. My 11 yr old son doesn't have the attention span when it comes to anything educational, and school and homework give us a lot of problems. But he watched this DVD a few times now and really enjoys it. Since watching this DVD, whenever he bangs or hurts a part of his body, he jokes and says he hurt his... and then he names whichever body part he hurt by it's "true" name. Both my children have learned quite a bit from this DVD already and have been asking and anticipating more DVDs to come out. I very highly recommend this DVD to anyone. Keep up the good work." - Amazon Customer

HomeSchool Mother

"My son loved this video and wants to watch it over and over! We printed out the extra worksheets on the web page and we are both having fun learning all the names of the bones and muscles. Highly recommended!"- L. Vertis

Grandmother of two

"Got it for my grandkids to watch while at my house. I'm going to have to get more copies to take to their homes as well. They ask for it over and over! They have fun, stay occupied and they're LEARNING! LOVE IT!" - Bobbi G


"I have been a teacher for almost 10 years. It is very hard to find a video as concise and entertaining as this one. It fits all the standards for the new Common Core Curriculum. My children love it very much at home also. They are laughing while they are learning. If you are looking for a video to not only entertain your children but teach them as well......THIS IS IT :)" - Sanya B.

Perfect for Teachers & HomeSchooling Families


From all across America parents, teachers and homeschoolers have purchased "Science Animated: The Human Body". "Science Animated : The Human Body" is an animated educational film that is perfect for school age children age 8 & up. It combines education with entertainment as it covers the bone, muscle and skin systems of the human body. This approach makes learning fun and truly is "Educational Entertainment". All educational aspects of Science Animated have been well researched and confirmed by medical professionals.

The combination of education & entertainment is a great method for teaching children. Parents and teachers across the country have praised our movie for its ability to capture the attention and interest of the children watching it. So join Dr. Van, Addy, Doug, and Ben on an exciting adventure as you learn about the human body!!! In our story Dr. Van wants to film his TV show "Science Animated" but runs into all kinds of trouble along the way!!! Will the show go on?? Purchase "Science Animated: The Human Body" and enjoy the ride!!!

Science Animated Creator Chuck Schaser

About the creator

Vineland based artist/animator Chuck Schaser is excited to offer his film Science Animated: The Human Body. It is perfect for school-age children and covers how the human body works. "Science Animated" combines education with entertainment as viewers join the characters: Dr. Van Schyder, Addy the Atom, Doug, and Ben on a wild ride while learning about the human body. The goal of "Science Animated" is to make learning fun and to encourage children to get excited about science. Chuck Schaser earned a bachelor's degree from The Art Institute of Philadelphia and is the president of Surreal Graphic Design llc.

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